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Music Lessons in Scranton, PA.  Call 570-343-9051. 

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Drum Lessons

Drum and Percussion Lessons
(for ages 8 and up)

We have one of the most professional drum lesson rooms in the Scranton area, with a state of the art Roland electronic drum kit for students to use.  In our drum lessons, our drum teachers, teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Drum language can be complex and our drum teachers will challenge any drummer with a wide variety of technical exercises designed to improve your speed and comfort. All drummers bring in their favorite drum parts to learn in their lessons and theory is encouraged. We have many drum students who play in local bands be it in rock clubs or their local churches. You do not have to purchase a drum kit to take lessons. Beginning students can learn with a drum pad and sticks for around $25.00. Students use our drum set at their lessons and do not have to bring anything except their drum sticks and a notebook.  We also teach percussion lessons on all of the percussion instruments

Boy Playing the Drums

Drum Lessons

Music lessons aren't just for kids.  We teach lots of adults too!

Each studio is equipped with a Bose™ sound system, so we encourage our students to bring their ipods, smartphones and/or ipads with their favorite songs, and plug in to our studio sound systems!


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